Sporadic Thought: Any Allergies?

Feeling: Tired
Lyrical Status: “Paris Toyko” by Lupe Fiasco

Okay well I’ve had a pretty interesting rough weekend. When I asked to have a good weekend I did not mean any of the things I’ve experienced to happen. I did enjoy my families company and always will. I Love going home for the family and food. That’s another reason why I don’t think I would’ve survived if I went to College out of state. My mother knew what she was doing. Well, Friday was alright enjoyed it. I just took it easy and relaxed with my cousins. Then Saturday I went over my other cousin’s house and I almost forgot I went to the ER on Thursday and they gave me medicine to take because I wasn’t feeling well. Let’s just say Saturday the medicine made me feel completly worse. OMG! My face and tongue was swollen and I just had to go back to the ER and they said it was an allergic reaction. I was so glad this all went down at home compared to happening at school. So the lesson I learned from that is to stay away from medicine. Up to this point I’ve never ran into an allergies but whatevers in that medicine would definitley qualify as an answer to the question, “Any allergies” oh gosh! I felt like a fish out of water all the way to the hospital. Because of the medicine they gave me to stop the allergic reaction I spent the remainder of the weekend asleep.

That was too much for one weekend. But besides that nothings up.  My love life is still nowhere I love myself  It’s November everybody! and I’m so happy that Obama won besides that the holiday season is coming. Can’t wait! Oh me gee! lolz..Christmas is still one of my favorite holidays. You would think I was a kid the way I feel about Christmas. All I want is money and a new phone because I’m convinced it’s not my phone it’s the model. Can’t do it anymore it’s like my third one in two weeks. My phone carrier service is special. (rolls my eyes) anywho, I’m going to get back to doing homework.

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