Are you really goin to be twenty?

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Putting the beautiful face in a name.

People usually ask me two questions when they get to know me. The most popular two questions I’ve been asked lately are, “Where does your last name come from?” and “Are you really going to be twenty in a month?” The name situation doesn’t matter. It was Juliet who asked “What’s in a Name?” right. A name is a title and just because my last name is Jones shouldn’t matter right. (Even if I don’t have anyone in my family’s last name). Long story and I’m not really willing to tell. I’m just going to share that a name doesn’t make a person. A person makes a name and my last name makes me more special. The “Are you really going to be twenty?” question, the answer is a blessing. I hope when I’m thirty I still look too young to be thirty. I don’t mind being compared to a little kid. Some people wish they could still look like a teenager right.

Now on to life. So far my years been okay and it looks to be a brighter 09. Hopefully it is. My birthday is next month, I’m not stressed, and I look forward to seeing my best friend and my daddy. I love him and I so can’t wait to see him. Those two are one of my two favorite people along with my mother who’s the greatest mother anyone could ever ask for.

Reflecting on things, some people I left in 08 and I would love it if they stayed there and I’m going to continue to keep my faith in god and hope 09 continues the way it started.

I don’t need anyone in my life besides family and friends. Those people will help me get through life.


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