Music is Life, Love is Hard

Feeling. Content.
Lyrical Status. “I’m standing at the fork in the road and I don’t know which way to go and it’s like seventeen years have gone again. I wanna know what lies ahead and I don’t want to take a step cuz I can’t make it any further with you on my back, I can’t do this again…goodbye. I keep second guessing myself….it’s almost sundown, gotta put my foot down, yes I do and I know it’s going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” …Keri Hilson “Hurts You”

Okay the song, I found it and that’s how I feel about love right now. “love”‘s not what I want I love myself and that’s what I need right now. I feel like I can do so much better than “love”. “Love”‘s a great person but I think I might have outgrown love. It’s really not “love” it’s me. I’m not the same person I was when I met “love” and love hasn’t changed. I don’t know what to do with those facts and I don’t want to sell myself short or love short. “love” was my first love and it’s time to let go. Time to find a new “love”, time to find out if there’s more to love. If there’s something else. I’ve never had a “love” and honestly don’t know if I want another love like him. “love” had so much hold over my emotions and I felt tired of the pushing and pulling. It was hurtimg me to do this routine over and over. I never want someone to have that much power over my emotions. I’m focused on me.

“You’ll never get the best of me, you thought I was broken but I was still hoping, you’ll never get the best of me, then my heart was broken but now it’s all over, I’m bigger and I’m better of the person than the one you used to know before, I found someone to believe in, I don’t need no convincing, If I don’t love myself no way nobody else is, all I needed was time to heal, all the pain I felt was so real, now I’m going to love myself the way nobody else will, it’s not easy to forgive when everythings so hard to forget…. “Love Myself” by Asia Cruise

There’s a song for everything in life I swear. Besides my conflict with “love” life’s been pretty easy. College has made me grow and I’m proud of everything I’ve been through. I mean I feel like I’m happier with myself. In college there’s no mommy here to watch me do this and do that and stand up for me. I’ve learned to speak up for myself and express how I’m feeling in ways other than writing. It’s actually made me more confident. I’ve learned so much about myself in college. I didn’t know I would learn. Everyday’s a learning experience though. I think I’m going to get a tatoo something to do with music since I love music so much. I swear it always makes things feel better. Music is life

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