My Life=The Perfect Reality Show

Lyrical Status. “Everything I’m not makes me everything I am” …”Signed Sincerely” by Solange Knowles
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Hello Xangerz,
It seems like forever since the last time I created a post that I haven’t marked as private and I apologize I’ve been writing a lot but I’m very private about the things I write. Which is funny because I want to get into the writing field but as far as creativity goes. I share my stories and my poetry but I do not like to share my thoughts. It occurred to me the other day when I was at my other job as an orientation leader at school, that I like to come up with these fictional stories but a real great story is the story of my factual life. My co worker was laughing as I shared stories of the things I go through at home and that’s a best selling novel right there.

So let me reintroduce myself. I call myself Dae’. I write everything I can possibly write that allows me to be creative.

I’m currently a student at Carlow University majoring in professional writing and minoring in mass media communications. I turned 21 in February and my life would be the best reality show ever.

When I’m not staying on campus at school, during summer vacation I reside with my parents in a little house located in a little place called Braddock. My parents are married but the crazy thing is they married before my father went to jail for the umpteenth time about four years ago on the same charges he is always charged with. Well come 2010 he was released early and the only place he could come was here with my mother and the rest of my family. The only problem here is my mother wants a divorce and my father does not. He acts like he’s still stuck in the past. Sometimes I find him treating me like I’m 16 instead of 21 and I have to let it be know I’ll do whatever I want because I’m grown. And there’s the mom, who’s in her forties but she’s going on twenty one. She’s like my sister and best friend and sometimes I will admit I have to be my mom. Also note, when I say father I mean my step father. He’s been there from the jump and has raised me. My biological father, he wouldn’t claim me until I was fourteen and it was a little weird because he lived literally down the street. Than there’s my brothers. My oldest brother is hard to describe in words. He has four kids, he’s a pretty boy and he kinda doesn’t look at things like everyone else. He seems to have no intention on getting himself together, just chasing girls. My youngest brother is a DJ, I’m still trying to get him. He’s really into his rapping thing but he doesn’t have that focus and drive to do something with it. He has all the tools in the world and hasn’t exactly figured out what do with them.

Then there’s me. I’m not exactly a puzzle piece that fits in with the rest of the puzzle. I try to be the peace maker, and I am the total opposite of what your typical black girl would be. I don’t eat beef or pork, I have no sense of rhythm and I use proper grammar. How about that one. I vow to come back to my xanga page and share publicly some of my crazy endeavors especially since it’s my senior year and I want to document what it’s like. Just so I can come back and say “Wow”.  Well until the morning. Goodnight Xangerz.


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  1. vanityqts says:

    you shouldnt make your writings private, no one on xanga judges i dont think :)thanks for the comment


  2. No problem chica and i think your right so i’m marking them public for now on to see how well it goes.


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