–& 25 Random Facts

25 Random Facts about Me

1. I absolutely love music & writing & without them I would question my sanity
2. I’m hard to figure out I’ve been told & it’s believable.
3. I’m an optimistic. I can always say someone else has it worse than me so I don’t take much for granted.
4. College is the best years of my life. Loving it
5. My best friend is a guy I’ve known since jr high.
6. I have a habit of putting others before me. Which is good and bad.
7. I don’t like being cold.
8. I was a nerd in high school. I was always the first one done with my papers.
9. Jr high =not so nerdish. Jr high was fun!
10. I can honestly say I’m happy with who I am & wouldn’t change anything for the world.
11. People think I’m crazy when I say I rather do something I love than make a lot of money.
12. Family means a lot to me.
13. I’m really good with kids.
14. When I’m writing it feels like I’m in a whole different world.
15. I’m addicted to M&Ms & Minute Maid Apple Juice.
16. I taught myself graphic design & web design
17. I want to be an entertainment journalist. I want to write about music & fashion
18. My closet may not be bigger than yours but my collection of clothes is.
19. I love True Blood and Twilight
20. I am not a vegetarian I just don’t eat beef or pork.
21. I watch more Disney Channel than your average 21 year old.
22. I’m goofy there’s not much to add to that.
23. I probably won’t tag 25 people in this note.
24. I was a cheerleader
25. I’m a big dreamer.

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