Health Insurance Companies are feeling the Pain

I was reading an article online that was explaining how less American’s are going to the doctors now a days and the health insurance companies are feeling the pain of the recession. It’s about time. I know I was on Welfare insurance until they told poor old college student me that I make too much money. Which is totally untrue I’m poor (for those who didn’t know). I live with my mother during most of the school year and I only work in the summer. So yeah, this article got me thinking about how much the economy sucks. If people are saving pennies on their health we know something is wrong.

I just picked up health insurance from my job. I’ve been working there for four years part time and turns out I get benefits and no one was going to inform me. A lot of my coworkers explained that the health insurance I get is crappy but I’m like compared to what? Everything was free when I was on the adult version of CHIP but now I have to pay for doctors visits and hospitals and birth control. I can’t skim on birth control but I definitely won’t be making any doctors appointments unless they are emergencies. Does anyone see anything wrong this?  I do! And apparently other American’s have this same saving money mentality.

 I don’t understand why the government doesn’t just give everyone insurance. I don’t mind paying for awesome insurance if I had to in taxes of some sort. I just know we’re one of the richest countries and can’t afford to take care of our own. That’s sad. Canadians are born with insurance by the way. Why can’t we take notes from their system? Than again it’s all about the money not the people. It’s only right that when the people lose their jobs, and run out of money they turn their backs on the health insurance market. You can’t get nothing out of nothing.

The article also explained how the health insurance companies were thinking of lowering premiums to lure people in and adjust to their budget but I still don’t think that would be enough. I understand that nothing in this world is free, Americans are becoming poorer so why should the big health insurance companies get richer?

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