& I’m Not the Same Girl

So this girl on my website I own recently posted a question about sleeping with celebrities and the question was, would you do it? I and a few other girls were like what’s the diff, if you have a one night stand with a “regular” guy, why not a celeb? Of course there’s always one person who responds “I wouldn’t do that, that’s slutty” — a few years ago, I would’ve been that girl. I’ve never had a one night stand with a celebrity and honestly I can’t say I wouldn’t do it. Depending on the situation I might but that’s beside the point. Somewhere between high school and college, I became a more mature and a not so uptight type of girl.

In high school everything had a place, I knew the answer to everything and if something was wrong it would always be wrong it wouldn’t be right ever. That’s so not me anymore. Right now I’m at a point in my life where I want to live to the fullest and I don’t want to question, “What if”, later down the road. Sounds crazy I know but to balance the randomness and the stupidity is the fact that I also know that every one of my actions has a consquence. I’ve learned from experiences and it’s okay to make mistakes. I’m not afraid of my mistakes because they form who I am as a person. Why should my past mistakes hold me back from making new mistakes? Just live I guess is the key to this blog. If your afraid of living I guess that just makes you dead right?

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  1. seasparkle says:

    thanks darling! // kaate


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