& Someone Tell Me What To Do

Finally my senior year in college has arrived and I’m all over the place, panicky becase as I mark the days off my calender til graduation I feel like I can not breathe. It’s not because of any particular project or the fact that my senior thesis about writing has to be 25 pages. (ironic) I am panicky because I have to make a decison. I’m not faced with just any decision, I have to decide what I would like to do with the rest of my life. I have some people who are insisting I go to grad school and then there’s me, who believes it’s way too much and college already has me prepared for eternal debt. I’m not a big believer in a piece of paper determining how intelligent or not intelligent I am but it’s a thought. I had to cave after high school and I don’t regret any decision I made to go to college. In fact I think it was best especially with the enviroment I reside in at home.

Sometimes the crazy thing about growing up is no one can tell you what to do and you have to make decisions on your own. I told my mom my dilema and she just said “Do what you feel it’s best.”, my boyfriend “It’s your decision ultimately.” -So no one’s going to direct me in the right direction so until then I hope the concrete answer leading me in the right direction just falls out of the sky and May takes it’s time creeping up on me. Funny thing is when I need someone to tell me what to do, I have to figure it out on my own. Man!  Crazy thing is I watched my roommate last year go through the same thing I’m going through. Where do I go next?


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