Why I Hate Fall

I’m realizing summer is over and fall has started and I’m already not looking forward to fall. There is a lot of reasons I wish it could be summer all year round but I’ll stick to reasons I hate fall.

1. Because it’s cold I’ve lived in Pittsburgh all my life & I know the sooner fall comes the sooner Winter is on it’s way & I still hate snow.
2. Because summer is over (enough said)
3. Because Fall means school is starting which means no more late night partying and doing whatever you want during the week.
4. Because school has started I go back to being a poor college student not working as much because of class.
5. Because falls is making the weather cooler I have to actually put clothes on. (No more shorts)
6. Because it’s fall we have to adjust our clocks and night comes sooner. (I like daytime)

This concludes my rant on why I hate fall.

What’s the worst part about fall for you? Or am I just the only one who can’t bear fall?

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  2. @foolishlypassionate –  I’d definitely love to help out. Sounds great. I’ve subscribed to your site it looks nice so far.


  3. tres_chic_xO says:

    thanks for the comment love<3xoxo, aimee


  4. thanks for the comment sweetie! (:


  5. Thanks for the comment love!yeah I try and find ones nobody else has posted


  6. xotaylorx16 says:

    thanks for the comment!


  7. thank you darling. that means a ton to me. i`m glad you liked it! i miss summer too. :


  8. Raaage says:

    That’s too bad, it’s beautiful here!


  9. aw thank you<3 I really appreciate that 🙂


  10. thank youu<33I know right? they’re all a lot older in real life and as far as I’m concerned Glee isn’t really a kids show anyway haha


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  12. amourlayout says:

    love the survery 😀


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