& My Parents Divorced During My College Years

My parents divorced each other while I was in college and you would think being almost an adult I wouldn’t feel affected by it, but sometimes I sit and reflect and I get this crazy feeling like the semi perfect family I did have was shattered. The picture perfect white picket fence dream is gone. I know what family is and my family was amazing, we’d go on vacations every summer we’d actually eat dinner as a family and in this day in age it will never happen again. My parents have become strangers to me. I’ve never really thought about them apart. Sometimes they annoy me separately and when they were together I never got that feeling.

Crazy thing about the divorce is they still live together. My dad doesn’t want to go through with it and my mom wants to have a party after it’s all through. Sometimes when they argue just for the sake of arguing I want to pull my hair out. When they argue and sometimes complain to me about each other it makes me feel inclined to take sides. I feel horrible for the both of them. Sometimes I think it makes me feel like I never want to get married if marriage ends like that. I try to understand their reasons and put myself in their shoes. Sometimes I grasp it sometimes I don’t. I guess divorce hurts even when your child is not a child anymore really. I can’t understand I guess I won’t until “you get older” as my parents say.


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  2. haha awe thanks! i happen to love the graphics now that i started doing them. i`m addicted! 🙂


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  4. that should be a lot of fun. i still love madonna. haha. esp from the 80`s. you should get tons of candy. 🙂


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