& The End

         The Problem is I was in a relationshipwith who I wanted you to be….

I wantedmore than you could give…
Your just enough
wasn’t sufficient enough
for my heart.

I keptthinking maybe it will change,
let down my guard, invited you in
But still I wanted more…

you had nothing else to give
with you my heart yearned for more
without you it was just the same
By myself I can no longer pretend
and this time I was too hurt to insist
that we still remain friends

It was time
to put the heartache,
the madness
to an end

Written by Chardae’ J. (2011)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. tres_chic_xO says:

    thanks for the comment hun<3and thanks for the tumblr follow!


  2. sassy804 says:

    haha yea, that girl that was dressed in the black spandex suit.. im proud to say is my best friend. lol she’s crazy, it’s like a body morph suit i dont know where she got it but it was quite a hit 🙂


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