& I (Heart College)

I (Heart College)
[My Top 13 Epic College Moments]

College by far is the best four years of your life and anyone who disagrees must have gone out of their way to not make friends. I went to a very small private university known for its small class sizes and Catholic background…I had fun! I became a stronger person because of college. I arrived to college as a follower and a young girl and left a leader and a woman. I also met some great friends along the way who helped make college amazing. They’ve been there for three years through everything. Living with them has made them family in my eyes. Our napkin of love for each other is stronger than any Bounty Paper towel.

13. Let’s Get Oriented

Freshman year I was a lost puppy. I failed my first class ever. I also didn’t know anything about catching the bus and I was a commuter. The first day of school, I caught the bus the wrong way that says a lot about me. So when I saw sign ups to be an orientation leader I jumped. It sounded so fun! I mean I get to go to orientation and help clueless students like me. Boy oh boy! I must have loved it because I did it for four years after I was accepted. I looked forward to orientation week. We received $500 for working for a week.  It was similar to slave hours but it was fun! The college I graduated from was amazing with orientation. We got to paint signs for the new incoming students, went to Kennywood, watched movies, and it was and all out blast. If I could be an orientation leader for the rest of my life, I probably would.  Helping with orientation was the first thing I really got involved in on campus. Getting involved was the best decision I made in college.

I’m posting them one a time as I write them. It’s a project I’ve been wanting to write for quite a while.

Coming up next: 12: Connections

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