& I conquered Cyber Monday & It was a Blast

Yesterday, I sat at my desk at work and not only did I shop for Cyber Monday, I think I conquered Cyber Monday. My bank account is now wondering “WTF”. My feet will be warm, my closet will be happy and my mother will definitely like her pajama set I purchased for her. I love Cyber Monday, I think I look forward to this day every year. Some of my favorite places drastically dropped their prices and this is what I got besides a huge smile. As far as I’m concerned it’s already Christmas.

Go Jane is one of my favorite places online to shop. I find myself searching Go Jane even when I don’t have any money simply because I love their stuff. Specifically their dresses and shoes are to die for at wonderful wonderful prices. Here’s what I managed to grab for great prices:

New Boots

These boots (Because I had a pair exactly like this for 20 bucks & they ripped to pieces. I’m hoping I’ll have better luck with these. My mother hates these by the way she calls them my elf boots.
I paid about $20 for them yesterday. They’re still on sell for $22.00. Click here to check them out!

I Like Shiny Things:

I saw this dress and the price and I had to add it to my cart. Anyone who knows me knows I love shiny things. Shiny colors compliments my beautiful skin tone. I bought this dress for $15 I kid you not and it is still on sell. Get your own here.

Leopard Print Wedges; They Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack:

I saw these and I had to do a double take at the $16 price tag. I wasn’t going to get them at first but I then needed them. Everyone knows you can never have too many shoes. (That’s how I rationalized this purchased) I said what if I meet a guy who really loves my shoes. They can be a conversation piece. Quite a stretch I know. Anywho they’re still on sell. Click here to grab your own before they’re gone. Who knows you might me a cute guy..lolz

& Then AMI CLUBWEARHad such an outstanding sale that the site crashed for most of the morning and was down but I managed to swipe up a new pair of boots (You can never have too many and two pajama sets, one for me and one as a gift). I really like these boots:

All in all I spent about 60 bucks on everything. I did well for a mini shopping spree and I only almost had a heart attack once. At Go Jane for a second the leopard print bootie was available and then it wasn’t showing up in my cart but in the end I conquered. I recommend them both for quality and cost. This is my first time buying shoes online so wish me luck. I’ve been skeptical about it but who knows this might be the beginning of a beautiful consumer friendship. What did you get yesterday? Do you have any disaster stories?

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  1. Ohmygosh those were some fabulous finds! I actually was wayyy to busy to shop online yesterday but my mom got a blue ray player for like half price. She was pretty excited. I hope you love everything you bought and it looks fabulous (I have no doubt it all will.) I love shiny things too! Its like the first thing my eyes go to in stores. I have no disaster stories except maybe some black friday shopping horror stories ahahaha. THe lines and the crowds are enough to scare me into staying home. One time my mom and I saw this old lady trying to park. While she was pulling in she hit the bumper of the car next to her, backed up and then did the exact same thing 3 more times. She hit the other car a total of 4 times. It was pretty bad. Have an amazing day!


  2. @heartsinparis –  omg that sounds crazy. I would’ve pulled my phone out and taped it. I choose not to go out and shop on black Friday because of the madness takes patience. lolz


  3. Marica0701 says:

    Those are some cute boots.Alas, I didn’t shop at a ll for Black Friday or Cyber Monday 😦 There wasn’t really anything I needed and I didn’t really see anything on that great of a sale.


  4. @Cestovatelka –  Thanks I can’t wait to wear the leopard ones they look so cool.


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