& Because I love Sales & Most People Do…

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson is known for her wild prints, her crazy imagination and her crazy prices but today it seems like there’s a sale brewing on Betsey Johnson’s website. Prices have been slashed up to 50% off. Select handbags are also discounted at 30% off. For someone who loves Betsey, this is a sale to me. Check out some cool things you can get on http://www.betseyjohnson.com.

This awesome bag is $49 which is a steal for Betsey Johsnon. I snagged it for $38 since I joined the mailing club which gives you an extra 20% off.

This awesome wristlet is $39. I’m the type of girl who carries the world on my shoulders when it comes to bags so this wouldn’t work for me.

This cute charm bracelet is $48. I love Betsey’s bags and her jewelry because sometimes you can find them for a heck of a price.

Don’t forget to join the mailing list to get a percentage off your first order. You can’t beat that. Do you own anything Betsey Johnson? I refuse to spend over a $100 on a Betsey anything.

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