& A Mission to Organize the Jungle I Call My Closet

I have a slight shopping problem and if you have ever seen my closet you would know this. I’m working on making my closet a little more organized. It’s hard because I have more stuff than I do closet space. My first mission was to organize my jewelry. Necklaces were always getting tangled, rings were terrible and if I found a pair of earrings I felt like I hit the lotto. Then, I remembered something my former roommate used to do. She would put up command hooks on the wall and hang up her jewelry in little zip lock bags. I chose to take a different route. I hung up my necklaces on Command Hooks and it has made my life so much easier.

Oh my gosh! Now I have to find something to do with my bracelets and rings. Step two is going to be my shoe collection. My shoes are creeping from under my bed. It’s bad real bad! Any cool suggestions?

On a side note: Me and my best friend exchanged gifts a little early. Check out the cool shoes she bought me. She’s amazing! She also got me a dress that I’ll share with you guys when I do my “What’s in my Closet” segment. I will keep readers posted on my mission to make my closet easier to find stuff.

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