& What’s in My Betsey Bag…

I saw someone did a post like this not too long ago and I said “Hey I should do a What’s in My Bag Post” and here goes. This is my Betsey Bag I love it, I got it for about 60 buck on Karmaloop.com. Anywho, on average my bag weighs about 5 pounds give or take. Here’s my bag:

Here’s what’s inside:

*My 12MP Polaroid Camera
*A Pack of Orbit Gum (A Clean Mouth lolz
*A mini comb and brush
*2 Notebooks with nothing but pieces of imagination in them
*A lot of pens and pencils so I can write down pieces of my imagination when they come to me
*A copy of a lease for a place that I’m looking at. I plan on moving in the Fall
*A gazillion GB flashdrive that hasn’t failed me yet (It used to be a cute lollipop until I lost the top)
*A make up bag containing mostly Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss because I have no idea how to put on make up.
*Twilight Woods, Bath & Body Works Lotion
What’s in your bag?

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