& Tomorrow I Shall Start the $50 a Month Challenge

Quite some time ago I stumbled upon a website called Cheapalicious ran by a very thrifty woman who calls herself Niki Cheapskate & I fell in love with her blog. Recently she posted progress of her challenge to only spend $50 a month on things that don’t qualify as necessities. As much as I’m afraid to admit it, I do overspend on clothes. Just ask the pile of dresses in my closet that still have tags on them. Starting tomorrow I vow to only spend $50 a month on clothes, accessories and shoes. That should curb my spending. I will let you guys in on some of my finds & what I did with my $50 a month. Well since this is my last day of spending ridiculous I guess I’ll share the dress I just brought with you guys.

Just purchased this Colorblock Scuba Dress for 50 bucks (my whole budget if I was to have started today!) from Nasty Gal.

It’s similar to the dress Christina Milian was spotted in. She’s one of my favorite artists.

Check out some other cute dresses from Nasty Gal.

Both are under 80 bucks. You can’t beat that. I liked the black and yellow one the best.

What’s a great find you picked up lately?

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  1. thank you! I love your site too and that hot pink dress is so cute I want it! 🙂


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