& My Birth Control Makes Me Feel Like I’m With Child

My BirthControl Makes Me Feel Like I’m With Child
My Birth Control Nightmare Over the Years

Forget having babies, my birth control nightmares make me want to abstain from touching another person in fear that my ovaries will break down. I’ve been on birth control since the age of sixteen and I’ve tried different types of birth control. They all seem to end terribly. I just thank god, that birth control hasn’t failed me yet but at what price is the question. My first crazy experience was some pill that made me feel like I was emo. Sometimes I’d be sitting around depressed and I’m a happy person. I would cry and I wouldn’t understand why I was crying. People would ask me “What’s wrong” and I wouldn’t know what was wrong with me. I had a pill that made me nauseous all the time. I felt pregnant. I knew that one wasn’t good for my body.

 By the time I turned 20 I had tried several different birth control pills that all made me feel a little zany with the exception of Orthro Tri Cyclen Lo. I loved it! It didn’t cause any weight gain and it kept my  acne nice and clear. Then one-day two things occurred to me. One I wasn’t using it properly (you’re supposed to take your pill at the same time every day ladies) and two, it was getting hard to remember. The last time I took my blue baby blocker pill I dropped it on the blue carpet in my bedroom. I have 20/20 vision and I couldn’t find it. My mom came up the stairs and questioned why I was on my hands and knees on the floor looking like a crazed person. I never did find that pill. It was time for a grown up form of birth control.

An IUD would be awesome, I wouldn’t have to remember to take it or carry a pack of pills in my purse. It was a dream come true when the doctor explained Mirena tome. Fortunately, for me I am so poor that they gave it to me free. I sat in the chair at my local Planned Parenthood ready for the most excruciating pain in my life and there was none. I continually asked, “Is it in” and before I knew my doctor was done I went to work afterwards and I was baby free for the next three years.

That’s the way the story was supposed to go but after the cramps, the eternal bleeding,acne and the pinching feeling in my pelvic area I’m done. I bled for three months with one-week downtime. You’re not supposed to feel Mirena but I feel it wiggle when I sneeze. When I notified the doctor of all these problems, she didn’t want to remove it. She said give it some time and it has been four months. I think time has surpassed and I’m at a breaking point. I’m convinced my body hates this thing and the pill was the better choice. It’s weird because all of my friends with the exception of two raved about this thing. I think I just might abstain from having sex. To think the terrible things we as women put ourselves through to not have children amazes me. Have you had any terrible birth control nightmares?

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  1. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! ❤ kaybree


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