& Pursuit of Happiness


Within the last year, I’ve been rearranging my life in the pursuit of happiness. Some might say my decisions are a quite crazy and others are happy. Epiphany after epiphany the universe seems to let everything fall into place. I have this knack for thinking things through and over analyzing things. Usually once I start something I want to exhaust all avenues making sure that is what I wanted. Hence, the reason last summer I hopped on a plane, chasing my heart all the way to California to find out I didn’t want to be with the guy I had been with for the last seven years. He wasn’t stable enough for me to rearrange my life. Oh and after that everything just seemed to get clearer. I quit my customer service job (I had been there for five years it was my first job ever) for a full time secretarial position at the college I graduated from.

Then recently I did something even bigger. I dropped out of Graduate School. Why? Well, three weeks in I discovered my passion wasn’t in journalism. I found myself writing fiction instead of notes in class and a light bulb went off. I want to write books for the rest of my life. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve been writing novels for over five years. I’ve finished six of them with an average of 150 pages each book. Most of them are handwritten so I’m typing up the last five years of my life. A lot of people saw this coming and a lot of people didn’t. Either way I’m happy and that’s all my family seems to care about. I’m trying this new thing called being fearless. I want to live my life for me without looking back wondering “what if”. If it makes me crazy, so be it. I’m enjoying life one new decision at a time.

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