On a More Serious Note

You watch a documentary about the LRA, Joseph Kony and his army of full of abducted children and the first question you ask is in regards to the funds of the charity, not the cause. That has to be the most ridiculous load of hoopla I’ve ever heard. I read a lot a lot so I’ve known about the war and the African Child solider and I’m glad someone finally made it an international issue. So what the Invisible Children Organization is rated a 3/4 Stars by the United States based Charity Evaluator. The LRA enters towns, kill adults, and take the male children for soldiers and sexually abuse the female children.These children don’t have a chance to have a childhood and live in fear everyday.  Invisible Children may have a little bit of flaws when it comes to organization and finances but these guys did something right. They got people from around the world to stop for twenty nine minutes and open their eyes. That’s great! We can’t criticize these guys in my opinion because they’ve put in so many hours of dedication to a cause and they’ve traveled to Africa to show their support to end this war against Kony. That’s a start. Now it’s time for people to actually do something about it. Just talking about Kony won’t get him captured, won’t bring peace, and won’t save lives. So as far as asking everyone if they stand with Invisible Children is the wrong question to ask, we should be asking about the children not the charity.  If you haven’t watched the video yet check it out. It’s definitely an eye opener if you’ve never heard of Joseph Kony.     

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