&– Unplugging From Facebook, Exploring Relationships & April’s Resolution

&– Unplugging From Facebook, Exploring Relationships & April’s Resolution

Beautiful Soul
By Jesse McCartney

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot a lot which never surprises me. My mind never shuts down ever. I go to sleep thinking of a million things and wake up with a million more on my mind. I’ve come to the decision that I’m detaching myself from my Facebook page (not deactivating it just stepping away from it). I spend way too much time on Facebook & there are so many other things important in life that I could be doing with my time. & I’m trying to finish editing various books I’ve written over the past five years. I still Tweet because Twitter and Tumblr are my favorite social networks (Pinterest is starting to come in a happy 3rd).  I’m also going to try something new in April. I’m going to blog every day. Giving everyone a transparent glance into my life. I want to write how my day was creatively and Xanga would be the most awesome platform to try out my nonfiction skills. I prefer fiction but crazy things happen to me every day so why not give it a shot?

& last but not least. I was sitting on the bus this morning on my way to my mundane job of being a secretary and I begin to think about relationships. This one guy just scared me away because he was very clingy. After three days of knowing me this guy called me like nine times and was planning our future of being together. I’m like “No time out” and he seems very genuine and nice but I can’t take the suffocation he would bring if we ever did get together. I always find something wrong with a guy that seems really nice and I have really high standards that I’m not willing to lower.  Are these the things of getting in my way of dating or is the fact that I just left a seven year relationship? Or could it be the fact that my father and mother had a very dysfunctional relationship? I started to question that a lot. Does my divorcee parents effect my perception on relationships? When I get that answer you guys will be the first to know.

Also I’m telling my father that my biological dad bought me a car. Hopefully he didn’t hear from someone else. He’s going to be crushed. I have no idea what I’m going to say. I could imagine us seated at the table at Eat N Park after a long day of driving him around getting my hours in for my permit & I just drop the bomb “Sam bought me a car and I didn’t say no because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He’s trying”. It’s funny how at one point in my life I didn’t have a dad and now I have two. My stepfather raised me and will always be my father. My biological donated his sperm he’ll always be Sam but I have to have some sort of respect for the both of them. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Welp! Until later.


*Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my posts. kiss I love you gals.

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  1. Ugh, I hate clingy men, I want to scream grow up every time I meet one!


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