& Hello April

(Marched for Justice for Trayvon Martin on Friday)

So I told my step father (the guy I consider my dad) that my biological father out gifted him and brought me a car and he didn’t act weird about it at all. That’s why I love him. My biological father is a little weird and I think he’s overcompensating for not being there so a car was definitely overdue. Now only if I can get my license. I take the test in 6 days. Wish me luck. I baby sat all weekend & made a couple dollars. I hate that my job pays me monthly. I’m just waiting for one of these jobs I’ve applied for to call me back for a job offer.

& I’ve been ignoring the clingy guy. I think he turned me way off. Is that mean? I’ve like mastered the art of ignoring people.

& I just got done watching Sucker Punch & it was awesome. I’m so being Baby Doll for Halloween. I have so many unanswered questions about the end though. I didn’t want it to end like that but it was amazing. Was baby doll dead like mentally gone already?? It makes you think about fantasy and day dreams and life and freedom. I got so much from a multilayered action packed sexy movie. I shall watch it again. I’m also going to do a quote post like I did for Once Upon a Time?? What did you think of the movie Sucker Punch?? How was your weekend?

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