& Am I Crazy?

I feel bad lately I’ve been thinking about my ex and how I just stopped talking to him after he dropped me off at the airport in San Diego last June I kind of just stopped talking to him. I’ve known him for seven years we’ve been playing this on and off game and I love him I just feel like every time I was all the way in the relationship I got hurt. I even did the long distance thing with him after he joined the Navy. This guy dated my sister while he was dating me & he told me “I told you I was dating her too” — I was really confused

and then when we were on one of our off moments he got some chic pregnant, we got over that. Then I went to go visit him in San Diego for about two weeks. I flew across the country by myself to see if I wanted this to work. I found myself sitting at his house all day while he was at work (he’s in the Navy) and his best friend (who’s a guy) would take me out sometime so I wouldn’t get bored. & it’s crazy because I really wanted me and him to work. Then one night I happen to log on to his computer after my laptop crashed and his Facebook was up. I’m all up for an open line of communication and I felt like he was hiding something. Turns out the guy was still married to his baby’s mom (he said he married her for the money that you get in the Navy for being married). Not only that but he was talking about moving in with her in his Facebook messages. I felt like I was intruding and I was the other girl so I shut down. To avoid confrontation I always shut down that’s just the way I am.

Do I owe this guy an explanation? We were like the best of friends and this is the longest I’ve ever gone without talking to him? Or do I continue to pretend like we never existed?  I shouldn’t feel bad should I? I guess first love is always the hardest. I’ve never been in another relationship.

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  1. That sounds rough. If you give him an explanation and start talking to him again, do you think you will fall for him once more? That could be be a bad idea. It doesn’t sound like he treated you as good as you deserve. I’m always one for trying to work things out with people and ends things on a good note though so I can’t really offer great advice lol. I would probably not say anything though, especially if he hasn’t tried to communicate with you either.


  2. @MyUnderstandings –  probably not. I could see the problem there. That would be like pouring salt on old wounds. You’re right he hasn’t taken the time to communicate with me. My numbers been the same since Jr. high. They should really make a manual for breaking up. SMH it’s so hard especially the first one.


  3. Wow, what a guy! Sorry, but he seems like a really ass not treating you the way you deserve! If you owe him an explanation, what the heeeck doesn’t he owe you? Nope, I don’t think you should feel bad about it, it doesn’t sound like you are the one lying and playing around with him, but the other way around! Yes, the first love is the hardest to get over. Maybe you just miss him because you don’t see other guys right now? I don’t know about that, but that could be a possibility<3 You only thinks about him because you miss to be with someone, and have a relationship. Its not him you miss. :)<3 Sorry I can’t help you other than saying what i think, but I’m here if you want to talk<3


  4. @Be_happy_Be_you –  aww thank you! I keep telling myself I’m going to go out there and I’m going to go on a date. I almost did & I quickly changed my mind after the guy scared me away. He planned our whole future before the date & I was like I can’t do this so I ignored his calls. The next guy that’s not so pushy I may take him up on his offer just to see what else is out there. It’s weird.


  5. No problem sweetheart!<3 – aw I’m sorry to hear :D, he was probably very desperate :D! Anyways, just keep on dating and looking, then the right guy will show up<3 But sometimes we also need to stop searching for love, and then it will find us<3 Much love<3


  6. Wow, you aren’t?! I am obsessed with tattoos! I think they are great, and can be so meaningful!<3 I hav always loved the white tattoos, were you almost can’t see you have one<3 – anyways, thank you for the comment darling, and yeah, the tattoo on the girls back are really pretty!<3


  7. @Be_happy_Be_you –  I’m afraid to get a tattoo because of the pain. I wanted a treble clef on my write but I didn’t have any form of ID with me to prove my age. & you’re very much welcome for the comment chica.


  8. Really :D? yeah me too. But I just need to suck it in, because one, I am getting! and maybe more than one.. haah<3 – so when you have your ID with you next time, are you then going to get one?<3 – Thanks sweetheart<3


  9. @Be_happy_Be_you –  Yeah probably so because my best friend wants me to go with her to get a tattoo but she won’t do it unless I do.


  10. aww thats awesome :D! What a great friend you have, then you have to do it :D!<333 can’t wait to see you posting a photo of it dear, now you have too :D!<3


  11. @MZ_BUBBLEZ213 – @Be_happy_Be_you –  You guys should def. get one. They do hurt but they are SO worth it. I have such a hard time dealing with pain but I got mine on my ribcage and if -I- can survive that, you guys certainly can! =)


  12. @MyUnderstandings –  oh don’t worry darling, I will get one :D! I can’t take that much pain but I am going to have a tattoo no matter what :D! I just need to be 18 first haha :D<3 anyways, wow I believe your tattoo must be beautiful! Thanks for saying and sharing sweetheart!<3


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