& A Transparent Glimpse into My Life

& Job & Lola

Well I haven’t exactly blogged as much as I want to but I’m getting better. My life has been kind of hectic lately. Working forty hours a week is kicking my behind especially since I hate the job. Never ever shall I ever be a secretary in life. I told my boss that I didn’t see myself being here for much longer. I’m currently looking for a new job and I’m positive that someone somewhere is going to call me soon.

It’s only the third and most of my money is gone anyways. I spent most of my check on getting everything settled with Lola (the car my donor gave me). I’m in disbelief that he gave me a car that didn’t run. I had to pay to get the title work done, insurance, a new battery and inspection. I hope it passes inspection or I’m going to be an unhappy camper. I’m so going to his house and explaining that I think he should give me the money for anything that needs fixed. He tends to think there’s nothing wrong with the car besides the battery. I like Lola she’s a little bruised but nothing’s perfect. She runs well.

& I’m ready to Date Again

Last weekend was awesome & this weekend is going to be better

A while back, I met this guy who plays arena football and he invited me to his game. I took my best friend and her boyfriend Saturday and we had us a good ol’ time. Me & Jasmine can have a ball anywhere. After the game, we went to Dave & Busters and it was fun! I have a date tomorrow with this guy and it’s honestly my first date in a while.  I’m excited and that’s a good sign.  Months ago, just the mention of going on a date would make me nervous and scared. I’m no longer scared to get out there. It only took a year since my last relationship.  Walking away left me crushed but it was necessary. I was tired of trying. I can’t wait til summer. I must visit a beach.

Oh I forgot to mention.
I passed my driver’s test the second time, how could I forget to blog that! So now I can legally drive Lola around. That’s awesome.

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  1. eyeshadoww says:

    Thanks, Dae 🙂


  2. Congrats on passing the drivers test, and dating again, and I wish you luck in finding a new job!


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