& Just Be Yourself

“I need someone who can deal with me. I need a guy who will make me see things from a different point of view. I need a guy who will make me talk about the things that scare me. I need a guy who will make me open up to him. A guy who won’t give up on me.” (You Know it Quotes)

Now Playing. “Get Busy” by Sean Paul

Currently. Bored to tears at work praying that one of these many companies I’ve applied for will call me.
Feeling. Awesome

&–First Date Jitters Haven’t been on an actual date in forever and I must say it was exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I went to his football game by myself and met up with him after the game. We were supposed to go see The Avengers and got lost. So we ended up at a bar after the game where we got to chat. & he seems like an awesome guy but I won’t let my guard down completely. Maybe I should let him in more and he’d do the same. My best friend told me to remember not to let my previous guy troubles affect the present and she’s right. It’s really kind of early for me to figure out if I like him yet. But he’s fun to get to know. After the bar I got a little adventurous he was tired & we went to his house where we both eventually crashed. He’s so cute when he sleeps. He wanted to cuddle and I loved that. If only I can get into his head. Only time will tell.

&–Update on Lola $260 later Lola my car is being fixed today hopefully nothing is wrong with it. I so don’t feel like putting more money in it. My donor would give me a dead car for my birthday. Smh Well of to bed I go. I’ll try & blog tomorrow.

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