& Oh the Irony

& There’s a silver lining to every cloud & I haven’t given up hope

By Miranda Lambert
Now Playing: The House That Built Me (Country Calms Me)
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–& Lola

I got an expected call today. The garage I dropped my car off at told me that there is a shit load of things wrong with my birthday present car (excuse my French I rarely curse). My mom said it would only make sense that my deadbeat dad would give me a dead car. This almost $400 in paying to get it started and there’s still things wrong with it. $400 was my cap because that’s how much he paid for it. It was my late birthday present. Maybe being cheap isn’t always what’s best. (sigh) at his cheapness. I wonder what my dad (my step father, the guy that raised me and I call dad) is going to say when he finds out. SMH and he was the one who really wants to buy me a car. I’m uber frustrated. Well at least it’s raining. Today’s going to be a great writing day.

—& Job Interview

I have a job interview Thursday but it’s a little far from my house. It’s in Crafton and I was really considering it to get out of this miserable place but unfortunately the car that I was expecting to be fixed by Thursday probably won’t be. I think I’m going to ask my dad could I borrow his other car until I get my car stuff situated. I’m already paying car insurance on a car that doesn’t move. L

–& Movie Date

I was supposed to retry my movie date with him yesterday but he called me last minute and said he was tired. -_- I’m like “Okay I’m patient” and he told me he would call me and he didn’t so I didn’t fret. I’m not worried I’m just playing the field. I notice when you stop paying attention to a guy he wants all the attention in the world.

I guess I’ll get back to the place I call work for now. (sigh) My life is never calm. Never a dull moment… I’m so planning a Miami vacay in my near future.



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