& my summer so far

Instead of  filling today’s blog with adjectives about my life I shall give you a short creative concise update on the soap opera I call life.

Lola’s (my car) is still hanging in there…not bad for a $400 car.
I just finished working on the graphic design work for a publication for Dance Moms.
I have a new found independence ever since I got a car.
My mom is a cougar, dating some one young enough to be my brother.
I have multiple jobs, which means multiple sources of income.
I’m the most responsible person in my household. I swear I’m adopted at times.
If I make one irresponsible move I swear the house is going to fall apart.
I’ve been placing everyone’s happiness before my own lately.
This weekend I need to do something to appreciate myself a little more.
I finally came up with the concept for the urban vampire drama I’ve been trying to write forever.
I’m starting to like my job a little more but not enough to stay forever.
I’m taking my dad out for dinner Sunday for Father’s Day.

Should I do something with my biological dad? We’re not really tight but he bought me a car for my birthday. Am I obligated? He only waited til I was 16 to get involved in my life. I don’t even call him Dad. My step dad is considered my dad. Hallmark doesn’t make “Happy Father’s Day even though you waited til I was grown to claim me” cards.

What are you weekend plans loves?

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  1. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! I love tswift and her style. she has the best dresses. and seriously you are so right! they need to take the money aspect out of it. its ridiculous how much college is nowadays. just plain dumb. all for a piece of paper. and 300,000 a year!? thats so unfair, and some teachers aren’t even good! gaah its dunmb.+ i think it would be nice of you to go out with your real dad. even though he wasn’t there for you maybe he wants a second chance even if he doesn’t deserve it. and he might really enjoy getting to know you. ❤ kaybree


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