& it’s Sunday my day off & my mom wants me to leave so she can have her fun

First and foremost than you to everyone who kept me in their prayers.

So every Sunday morning I question my sanity and why I haven’t moved out yet. My mom wakes me up at ten in the morning to kick me out so she can have alone time with her twenty something year old guy who she messes with but isn’t her boyfriend on account that he has numerous girlfriends and it pisses me off. First of all, she messed up her marriage for this guy who is in a halfway house for selling drugs. O_o secondly he doesn’t pay any bills. So I’m leaving a house that I pay a quarter of the bills to accommodate a nigga that does nothing. Smh makes no sense at all.

My weekend has been okay so far. I relaxed all day Friday and Saturday I took swim lessons with my bestie. She talks me into the strangest activities. I know how to swim but she doesn’t. Today I’m going over my cousins to hopefully go back to sleep and than head to my grandmas for her birthday.

My mom kinda senses I have an attitude. I just responded with “I’m tired”. It’s not worth the conversation.

& I’m nervous that my insurance company hasn’t closed my claim yet. My back is still jacked up but I’m in one piece.

Hope everyone has a positive and blessed week.

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  1. thank you for the comment sweetie! &+ im sorry to hear about your accident :((((…i hope you feel better soon! <3333


  2. i just saw your other post! I’m so sorry! i guess that was a heavy wake up call huh? I hope everything is okay with you!<3 i have never been in a car accident my self, but some people i really appreciate, has. anyways. i like the photos of you, you are such a sweet, beautiful and shining girl :)! – and thanks for the comment! you don’t like mass messages :D? well, i wanted to do one but oh well, it doesn’t work :D! haha<3 i really appreciate you love my blog, it means a lot to me, just wanted to let you know that :)<3 and it is! i just love life right now 😀 what about you? how is it going? much love<3


  3. @fairytalesandsunshine –  Thank you much. @Be_happy_Be_you –  yes it was definitely a wake up call as a new driver it has made me overly cautious and kinda frightened of getting into another accident. Even as a passenger it makes me kind of nervous. No I’m not really into mass messages because it’s almost like spam everyone sends them so they’re like impersonal at times. I love your blog when I’m on Xanga I’m always checking it out. My summer’s been great so far. I’m planning a road trip with my best friend to Atlantic City that ought to be fun.


  4. i understand what you mean sweetie, but we can’t walk around and be afraid. if we did we couldn’t even breathe because who knows is the air we breath are infected?! you know what i mean :)?<3 well, i see your point. but i like them, through that way i can keep up with everyone 😀 aww thanks sweetie1<3 I’m glad to hear! omg road trip? that is so much fun!<3 i hope you get it planned! haha :D<3


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