& Retail Therapy

I’m an optimist and that means I see the silver lining in everything. My car was totaled so it’s obvious that I should shop. I would a mini shopping spree a few days after the accident. I bought a new pair of booties, 3 dresses, a scarf, 2 shirts and a hot pink blazer I really wanted.  I should probably get out of that habit as I get older.  I’ve still been job hunting, writing (I plan to have one of my novels polished by the end of the year so I can send it off to a publisher) and I’ve been planning my vacay with my bestie. We’re taking a road trip at the end of the summer to Jersey.  I’ve been to Atlantic City in the past and I loved it so now that I’m of legal age to drink I’m going to love it even more.  I have no vacation days at my job but I’m leaving.  I just like being able to get up and go. I seek adventure and it makes me happy. My summer so far has included a lot of shopping and not a lot of going places if you know what I mean. In college I went out every weekend. Halloween I went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday it was epic. My life seems boring compared to college.

& As far as the relationship with my mother, I talked to her on Sunday and I told her I don’t care that she has a little boyfriend come over every Sunday. That’s totally her business I just want to be able to sleep in on Sunday. I don’t care if he’s around. I pay a quarter of the bills and I feel I shouldn’t have to leave the house on my day off if I don’t want to. Working forty hours a week is tiring. I’m just saying. She seems to understand.

& My insurance is implying that they’re doing everything they can do to get my claim settled and we’re just waiting for the other insurance company. I called them yesterday but no one was there.  I’m hoping I get some money towards a new car because fixing up my daddy’s car that he gave me would cost a lot more money than I have to spend right now.  Driving still makes me nervous but it’s something that has to be done. The other party is trying to blame me but he was obviously speeding and he hit me from behind. -_- it was a teenage boy and the girl in the car never even got out of the car to see if I was okay. o_O Oh well. Lesson’s learned I guess. Cars are replaceable…people are not.

& my dating life is a romantic comedy gone bad. I went on an  after work date yesterday and I was trying my best not to laugh at this guy as he sat across from me speaking. He had nothing going for him but looks. He also showed up high. That was a super turn off.  -_- This is exactly why I don’t go on dates. I was just waiting for someone to pop up and say I was being punked. I had worse I guess. He could’ve been the guy who was ranting on and on about how Obama was a terrible person (I was not drunk enough for that date). Oh boy!

How’s your summer going?

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  1. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! + a trip with your bestie sounds like a son of fun! + oh my word you have been on some bad dates! That’d be so annoying to have to listen to that! but it did make me laugh. haha. ❤ kaybree


  2. thank you sweetie! & hope you have fun on your road trip! i always love to go on road trips, esp. the ones where you don’t have an exact destination! anyway, hope you have fun girll! ❤ 🙂


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