& Tired is an Understatement

I really wish there were two of me so one of me could always be sleeping. Between work and my somewhat booming social life, I’m exhausted! I went out this weekend for my best friend’s birthday and we went bar hopping on the Southside. It was epic. No one wanted to be a designated driver so we chipped in for a cab. I may not go out a lot but I work hard and play hard. I invited a guy friend who’s kinda new to Pittsburgh to come over my house for the fourth if he didn’t have anything to do. I think it’s terrible for him to want to spend it alone.  If there are two things I’m big on, it’s birthdays and family. Although my family is slightly dysfunctional, I love them.  I’m trying my best not to fall asleep at my desk. What are you doing for the fourth? How was your weekend?

Photos from our wonderful fun


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  1. thanks sweetie! & it sounds like you had a great time w/ your bestie! & my 4th was great! our town had some spectacular fireworks! how was yours? ❤ 🙂


  2. WHOOOO goooddaaammnn! i ain’t knew there were any sistaz here on xanka, and yall is some straight up badd bytches too, got some good ass hair an sexy ass eyes, girl you fine as a mahfucker on the real girl.


  3. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks! sounds like you had a wonderful time! + i just spent time with my family. 🙂 ❤ kaybree


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