& I’ve reached my daily allowable limit to talk to customer service reps…

 (sigh) just got off the phone with the insurance company to talk about my open claim. Car insurance companies swear they have outstanding claim service and my claim is still outstanding. It’s been over a month since my car accident and I’m just grateful I’m alive. My mother says “What about your car”. I’m still playing the waiting game about my totaled Lola and her predecessor. The other guy who hit me was speeding there’s no denying that because he hit me from behind while I was making a left turn and he was going straight. Those types of things happen in life and I’m okay with that but this guy he was briefly, his passenger didn’t get out of the car and he told me that he was in a hurry and had to leave. That’s probably what got us in the situation. (Just saying) I just want some money towards a new car. I guess that’s way too much to ask for.

& Work

I’m still looking for a new job. Being a secretary is as mundane as it comes and I totally know I’m worth so much more and I deserve a challenging job that lets me utilizing my brilliant skills. So needless to say this time next year I will be working elsewhere.

& Relationships

I’m terrified of first dates. I wish you could just meet someone and skip to the second date. I’ve been asked out a few times but I’m like “I don’t wanna”. My last two days were horrific. I don’t know how I meet the strange guys I do. SMH It’ll get better soon. I think I am going to take up this one guy’s offer on going out with him. He’s seems like a cool dude. I mean I’ve had worse dates so if anything they make great writing material.

& I love to end posts on a great note

My Fourth of July was awesome.  We ate, did fireworks and had a water battle. The battle started out with water balloons that we ran out and decided to throw buckets of water. My nephews threw a bucket of water on my mom and wet her iPhone and her Bluetooth and she was livid but a bag of rice brought her phone back to life.

& i Candy
Photos from my Iphone

Incredible photo of the fireworks I got


(Me in my American Flag top from GoJane)

(The start of the water battle)

How’s summer been for you? I can’t believe July is almost over.

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