& I’m starting to feel like an adult and I absolutely hate it.

Life’s been a little busy to say the least. The holidays are coming up, I have some major shopping to do and we’re trying to move. To top all that off, my job as the admin assistant was one of the ten that the school I work for got rid of. So now I’m working in the president’s office and I swear the job sucks the life out of me. Lately I’ve been feeling lots like an adult and its time to find a new job. At this point I will go back to customer service if need be. I totally hate my office job. I prefer working with people and doing tasks with meaning and not mundane things like copying. At this point I have totally checked out of my job while I’m searching for a new job. Wish me the best of luck.

The year is slowly winding down and it’s insane. I can’t believe I’ll be 24 in February. That’s scary. I wouldn’t have ever believed that I would spend most of my teens in a very unhealthy unbalanced relationship. It wasn’t execute time wasted though, it was more like lesson learned.

I also went on a date recently & I hated it. I don’t like things to feel forced or feeling like I need to commit to something. This guy keeps asking to spend the night at my house and I’m totally against it. I live with my mom & I don’t like her to meet any of my guy friends unless we’re serious or I really trust you. He keeps pushing for a relationship and I’m like no let’s just be friends. Smh I move at a snail’s pace in relationship so I’m totally sure that’s what I want to do. It took me a year to tell my last boyfriend that I loved him and he appreciated that because it meant so much more because I meant it. I’m just looking for someone to have a deep mental connection with.

Anywho, how’s life going?

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