& I un-friended my ex for his birthday today.

Well today’s my first day of being an unemployed person. I haven’t been out of work since I was seventeen but I freakin hated the job anyways and I’m still under contract so they had to pay me severance. I knew it was coming so I was already mentally prepared for it. Recently I’ve been very productive though. I spoke to one of my favorite best selling authors on Facebook and they asked me to send one of my stories over. I’ll be emailing it to them by the end of the week. I’ve finished most of my Christmas shopping. I just have to buy something for my brother and my dad. I always get them something to wear since they seem to have everything else in life together. I’m getting over this crazy nasty virus that I got after Thanksgiving. It had me in bed for like a week and I had to go to the hospital for dehydration. Finally, I un-friended my ex for his birthday today. I did this because we don’t talk and being “just friends” is just impossible. He doesn’t deserve me as a friend either so it’s his loss. I’m excited for the future. I’ll be spending most of December thinking of master plan to see what’s next in my life. I see me leaving this job as an opportunity. I know have the option to be whatever I want to be and nothing can hold me back. I can focus on my writing and its going to be amazing.

Before I got sick I was actually an adventure. I went partying in Sewickly and it was adventurous to say the least. Those guys don’t know how to party. We sat back people watching after we went to Starbucks and was drinking peppermint mochas with SoCo in it and laughing like teenagers. My friends are insane. I met up again with one of my old college friends. Apparently he still likes me and I’m sitting back thinking “What the hell were you thinking Dae?” College was definitely the time to make those mistakes. Then around 3AM we finally made it back to Pittsburgh and we ended up at the Casino because we wanted to grab some food and nothing was open because it was 3AM Thanksgiving Day. (I told them nothing would be open but they didn’t believe me). I ended up winning like 20 dollars playing roulette on the machines. I’m frugal so after 20 I threw in the towel.

& then after Thanksgiving I went out with my besties from college and we hit up a gay bar and a few night clubs on Carson and it was fun. I was in the beginning stages of my virus so I was a bit tired but I looked great in my new spiked booties I bought off eBay. After this whole outing my best friend got the flu and I got a virus. I knew going out sick would end up well.

How is your holiday season going?


What’s in my Closet

$40 Spiked Litas



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  1. Good luck with a new job! && I love those heels! :DHappy holidays! ❤


  2. @BONES___areamour –  Thanks! Happy Holidays to you also.


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