& it’s gonna get crazy before it gets better

Couldn’t figure out a title for this one so I figured I’d post the lyrics to the song I’m listening to. Tynisha Keli’s “Conversation with God” is such an inspirational song. I swear listening to music is pretty calming. What’s been going on with me lately? Well I’m moving back in with my dad. Apparently him and my mom want to make things work again after divorcing each other last year. They are very much so confusing.

Me and my ex are cordial now. I guess a Merry Christmas went a long way. We went back and forth discussing who was to blame for our terrible ending and as much as we talk I don’t think I could ever get back into a relationship with him. He’s a great friend but I’ve learned from my past. Making the same mistakes over and over would be just foolish.

I’ve also been job hunting. I’m being considered for a job with an airline as a flight attendant and I’m praying I’ll get an interview. They told me they were considering me for the position but they haven’t contacted me since. It would be awesome to just get away for a while and get paid to do it. I love my family but most of them are very much so insane.

I’m having a dinner next month with family and friends for my 24 birthday. I finalized the reservations today. I can’t wait. Unfortunately a few of my friends will probably not show up because they have boos and my birthday is the week of Valentine’s Day. I’m so over that. SMH

My car got fixed recently. The mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the starter. Can you believe it’s been sitting for two months because another mechanic told me it was broken and it turns out there’s nothing wrong with it.-_-  That’s all the way ridiculous. I’ve been working on my writing a lot lately. Hopefully by the end of March I’ll have my next project completed and ready to send off to a publisher. 2013 I most definitely want to get something out there. I love writing fiction and people love reading my fiction. I would be more than happy to share it with the world. Anywho, how’s 2013 treating you so far?

I made my first design of the year. I couldn’t help it after watching this movie for the first time.

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