& Dating is Just Weird

“I think when you’re done moving and what not. We should be in a relationship?” I’m totally spooked because we only went out once he doesn’t know me and he’s moving way too fast planning a future and what not. Then I have the other guy, who moves slow as molasses.  Dating, is not my thing. Why can’t a guy just be happy with being your friend and see where it goes?

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  1. I agree, I wish that guys could just be happy with being friends first!


  2. You are absolutely beautiful! i looove your curls dear! – and yeah, i totally know how you feel! sometimes its just urgh that they move way to fast! haha<3 – and thanks for the sweet comment! much love<3


  3. @g0ldandcocaine –  Thanks I wish guys thought like that. They are the hardest creatures on Earth to figure out. @Be_happy_Be_you –  Thanks chica. Curls are my go to hairstyle. @MyUnderstandings –  Thanks I absolutely love your blog.


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