& I Was Supposed to Blog Today but life happened.

I spent most of today playing with my little munchkins and by munchkins I mean my nine year old nephews. I insisted we play soccer and quickly called time out coming to the realization that I’m not in shape. We had fun though.

& Other Realizations
I’ve been talking to my ex again lately. We’ve been on and off and on and off for seven years now and we’ve both realized that we don’t exactly exhibit great relationship skills because growing up we didn’t exactly have great examples of it. We’re just friends now. Friends who ask their ex girlfriend to proofread their paper three minutes before class and write a conclusion paper. We’re just friends who still end conversations with “I love you”s. We’re dysfunctional at it’s finest. I’m supporting his decision to pursue schooling while he’s in the Navy. He’s going for law. It’s actually ironic because when I met him in junior high he was actually on the other side of the law. He wants to come to town to visit. I told him it would be amazing. I want to go back do Cali to visit. We can’t move on until we’ve come to a conclusion. Right now the book of us is unfinished making it hard to start another with someone else.

& Oh yeah I got a job finally
I have a job. I start May 28th as a Americorps member. It’s a nonprofit like the peace corps but instead I’m helping people in communities close to home. I’m hoping I’m placed in my community because I’d be working with kids at the library and it’s within walking distance of my house. It’s a summer job but my life shall be figured out by then right?

& Round-trip ticket to Miami in June
I’m going to Miami in June for my bestest friend a birthday. I’ve never been to Florida and neither has she so it will be awesome. I’m starting to do more things for me. I deserve this trip. Ticket and hotel is already paid for. There’s no going back.

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