& I Don’t Know How To Girl

My older brother, me and my younger brother. ♥
My older brother, me, my mother, and my younger brother.
My older brother, me, my mother, and my younger brother.

Growing up with two brothers  (and two step-brothers), I’ve mostly been the only girl! I got the best of both worlds. I had every Barbie that you could imagine yet I would still take my brother’s WWF figurines and stomp my feet crying until they let me play flag football with them. I was a cheerleader yet I also wasn’t afraid to go out and play in the mud. My mom let me dress up as Sonic The Hedgehog even though they didn’t have a “girl costume.” Still to this day at pool parties I’m always the one that doesn’t care that my hair isn’t exactly friends with water (“It’s just hair”) and I’ve jumped! That’s pretty much my motto in life. There’s no right or wrong way to be a girl because hey what does gender exactly mean anyways? I was never a tomboy but I wasn’t girly growing up. I’ve always been in between.

To this day, I can’t do makeup (if it’s not lipstick) and I can’t really do a great job at painting my nails without it looking like my niece did it. I tried in college to get into the high heel thing sacrificing cute over comfy but by senior year I realized that just wasn’t me. Every pair of shoes I own now are practical and my favorite pair are my Converses and instead of trying to collect *insert popular shoe brand here* I’m content with trying to collect the DC Universe collection of Converse Sneakers. When it comes to hair, don’t get me started. I can do a ponytail or throw on a wig or ask my mm to braid it. Those are the only options I’m good at. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Growing up there were lots of different characters on TV that were young girls that weren’t boy crazy and were sort of role models showing that young girls could be more than just boy crazy, fashion forward, irrationally emotional beings. It wasn’t until sometime in college I discovered that not everything has to be labeled. I love fashion, I don’t wear makeup and my entire morning routine takes about ten minutes tops.

The thing about fashion though is it’s a way of self expression. It shows your individuality. I’ll see something and say “That’s so cute but I wouldn’t wear that.” I actually rather go online and shop than go to a mall because after thirty minutes of trying stuff on, I get completely frustrated.

I went out last weekend and the guy at the bar just laughed at me throughout our entire conversation. I told him that I loved baking, fixing computers, watching cartoons, science fiction,  and superheroes. He kept saying “You’re a dork! I like you.” and I kept smiling like “I’m totally okay with that.” If not being completely girly and completely tomboy-ish makes me a dork, I’m super cool with that! If I ever have children, I hope their childhood is half as awesome as mine.

Style is about being comfortable with what you’re wearing, what you like and who you are. It just wasn’t in my cards actually to be “that type of girl.” My mom was a tomboy and everything I did pick up regarding beauty I learned from my older cousin and my aunt. So you probably won’t see nail tutorials featured on my blog or anything extraordinary when it comes to beauty but you’ll definitely get some awesome fashion finds, good reads, awesome tech and fun out of it. Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween. Please do be safe and I can’t wait to go out in my Harley Quinn costume tomorrow.

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