& Roommate Not Wanted

Sometimes I just have to get the words out so the feelings go away…

I’m smiling as I write this because upon meeting Jackie
You would’ve never thought she’d turn out to be the person she was.
I met her in Texas training for a job.
She seemed like a sweetheart, a dreamer and a responsible adult.

Whenever there was a party she didn’t show up because
“She’s not that type of person.”

I wish she was honest because
at least I would’ve known what I was getting into.

Jackie was always praying and speaking about her God But when push came to shove she was that type of person
and grew to be the devil.

If she wasn’t “that type of person”
I wouldn’t have dragged her home from the barat 3AM because she was so drunk she could barelystand to her feet.

“That type of person,” wouldn’t have me dragging her to the local CVS to buy a pregnancy test because she randomly hooked up with a stranger while on a layover in Chicago

“That type of person,” wouldn’t have latched on and conned at least two of my friends after I removed her from my magnetic field.

She robbed Pete for money for furniture and
Bailed on her roommate Courtney in the middle of the night.
She didn’t think we would talk to each other? We were in the same class!!

If she wasn’t “that type of person”
I wouldn’t be calling and calling her like a bill collector
because she lost my $550 cash security deposit that
Took her two weeks to tell me.

“You’re taking the TV,” she questioned as we parted ways.

I laughed explaining
“You paid me $40 for it. I’m not that great at math but, it’s mine.”

“You cashed my check for my portion of the gas bill
even after you “lost” my portion of the security deposit? ”
My text received a lot of words in response
but nothing coherent.

All that time you spent paying on a car in California that
you’ll never drive,
I hope it’s worth it.
I hope you meet someone that latches on to you.

I made sure you were fed even when there was no food in our fridge.
The next roommate will let you starve
leave you at the bar to drown your sorrows in Coronas and limes
and laugh at you for your promiscuity. “You didn’t even get his name?”

Once the words bleed from my pen and the ink dries, so does my frustrations.

Jackie was worse than the drug dealer who set up shop in my dorm junior year.
The inconsiderate newfound pot head that slept with her boyfriend in my bed senior year.
She was worse than all of them

Because I thought she was my friend.
It turns out she doesn’t believe in friends.

** All names have been changed because I’m “not that type of person.”


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