OMG It's Just Daé

& Mirina Collections: Scam or Nah?


I know I know. I said the next post would be about fashion finds and what not but I need to get serious for a second.

As an avid journalism junkie I feel compelled to give you the facts about Mirina Collections and nothing more and nothing less. In college I was never one to back down from any injustice when it came to finding things to report to my campus newspaper and this is no different.

A few months ago I was randomly contacted via email by a Tiffany Rose from Mirina Collections eager to ask me to be an ambassador for their jewelry collection. They had noticed my small Instagram presence and wanted me to promote their brand. After completing some research I discovered all these beautiful women who got their necklaces and I said why not? Tiffany informed me that I could pick a necklace and get it free as long as I paid for shipping because these necklaces were handmade and they can get a bit heavy. After paying my $30 for a $120 necklace I was excited. I felt like I saved me some money and I would get a one of a kind necklace. I waited about four weeks and finally received my Erin necklace and it was a bit underwhelming after a while. The necklace itself seems to be cheaply made. No materials on it scream $120 necklace. That didn’t worry me though. I shrugged it off and promoted away promising anyone that used my unique promo code 20% Off. It felt cool to be a part of a network of positive women working for fashion’s sake.

Here is the initial email below:

It wasn’t until recently when I was contacted by a Tiffany Rose at Nora NYC to promote expensive sunglasses designed in the USA that I got skeptical. Again she wanted me to pay for the price of shipping, $30 and the sunglasses could be all mine within a few weeks. I don’t know about you but I sit on sunglasses a lot and couldn’t justify spending a lot on them so paying $30 for $70 sunglasses just wasn’t going to happen.

I did some digging on Nora NYC and discovered they are affiliated with Mirina Collections and there are a lot of disgruntled Mirina Collections Ambassadors who feel that these high end handmade necklaces are not high end at all. In fact these same necklaces can be found much cheaper at many other online retailers particularly these necklaces can be found on Amazon for a hundred dollars less.

 Also a popular picture of them working hard in their office is actually a photo shopped picture from a totally different company.

Mirina promises 20% Off purchases made with your unique promo code and an in on their exclusive network of Mirina Girls. Today I decided to do a bit of investigating. I went to their site and put something in my cart and entered my promo code “Justdae” and it was apparent that it didn’t exist.

After chatting with another former Mirina Girl we discovered what happens is the promo code doesn’t work and so the customer contacts Mirina Collections directly and they’re given a different code. -_-  Which is frustrating and almost like the Mirina Girl Ambassador Program is free advertising for Mirina Collections.

After shopping around and seeing the very same necklaces for so much cheaper, discovering my promo code didn’t exist, and contacting Mirina Collections several times to receive no explanation whatsoever, I chopped it up as me being duped. The good thing is that I wasn’t duped twice. If someone truly wants you to promote their product, they’ll be transparent with you and they won’t charge you ridiculous prices for cheap Claires quality jewelry.

I was hoping to get a response from someone at the Mirina Company but received none. It was also odd that there were no complaints on their official Facebook page which even the best companies have one or two complaints. This is because Mirina Collections deletes and or blocks people who unsatisfied. That’s not how business is done in the real world. I’ve done customer service for years and covering up flaws is not how it’s handled.

Have you been contacted by Mirina Collections? Do you think this is a scam?

*Note: Eos update: As you may know from the last post I recently purchased an Eos lip balm and my lip swelled, cracked and is still sore. I contacted them directly and they offered me…. more Eos lip balm. -_-  I just palmed my face and considered myself over it.