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Bio | Chardae’ Jones

Chardae Jones is from Braddock, PA, and grew up in The Braddock Library where she received her library card before she could scribble her name. In 2007 she graduated from Woodland Hills High School. In 2011, she received her BA in Professional Writing from Carlow University where she discovered her passion for serving her community. 

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Magazine 2021

Since graduating Chardae has volunteered with AmeriCorps mentoring teens in Braddock where she aided in the creation of a 2014 summer lunch program tied to The Braddock Youth Project. As an advocate for people in her community, she’s mentored kids at the Downtown Carnegie Library as she knows that books are the very thing that inspired her to become a writer. She’s chaired the local Nation Council for Negro Women Luncheon to aid in bridging the communication gap between the younger women and older women in the community. The former Mayor of Braddock is the youngest in Braddock’s History. She helped set up Covid-19 vaccination clinics and coordinated food drop-offs for people in need in the area. She ran four municipal campaigns in 2021, sits on the board of Sustainable Pittsburgh, is a board member of Braddock Economic Development Corporation and the Mon Valley Literacy Board, and is constantly looking for ways to connect the community.

When not volunteering, she eats her way around the city on Instagram and writes about it for Soul Pitt Quartley. She works full-time as an IT Business Analyst and frequently plays kickball and dodgeball in the Pittsburgh Sports League. She published 14 books on behalf of herself and others. She helps writers publish books and find their voice as it’s important for people to own their work.

Contact Me | Chardaé Jones |Twitter @omgjitsustdae Facebook: Omgitsjustdae Instagram:justdae LinkedIn: Chardae’ Jones | Email: Imjustdae@gmail.com | Chardaejones11@gmail.com | Pittsburgh ♥

“Promised myself some time ago that I was turning my “what ifs” into “remember whens” and I’m doing it.” – Chardae’ Jones

Random Facts About Chardae’ Jones


Things that keep me writing. I grew up in the Braddock Carnegie Library. It was my after-school program and my summer camp. I read everything I could get my hands on. Writing keeps me grounded both nonfiction and fiction.

Things that make me amazingly flawed: I have a habit of wanting to help everyone and most of the time I put myself last on the list. I’m a work in progress.

Things that will make you laugh: I have a really bad poker face. I’m a goofy person so I don’t really embarrass easily. I am full of impulsiveness. I have a lot of goofy stories that I’m the star of.

Things that don’t consume me: What people who haven’t seen what I’ve seen and walked in my shoes, think of me.

Things that inspire me: Life inspires me even the bad decisions. Every experience is a writing experience.

Things that keep me going: family, laughter, friends, and the notion that one day I will be rich in experience. I chase adventures because if you chase money that’s all you’ll have.

Things that define success: Doing the best that I can with everything I have.

Things that will surprise you: I was once asked to audition for a dating reality show and declined. I’ve zip-lined in the forest of Belize but will never skydive. Also, I make a mean banana pudding. 🍌

Things that make me mad: When people take what they have for granted knowing that there are people living in the world with less than them.  When people take advantage of kind people who can’t stand up for themselves.

Things I can’t live without: A nice pair of shoes, a good drink, a good book, and a best friend.

Things I live by: There’s a silver lining to every cloud. Remember what you have now even if it isn’t much,  is more than you had yesterday.

Things I’m proud of: I have a BA in Professional Writing & Mass Media Communication. Not only do I self-publish but I help others self-publish

Contact me| Chardaé Jones |Twitter @omgjitsustdae Facebook: Omgitsjustdae Instagram:justdae LinkedIn: Chardae’ Jones | Email: Imjustdae@gmail.com | Pittsburgh ♥

You want elaborate and linear and I just give you randomness at its finest. I’m full of art, laughter, and love. I’m perfectly flawed and I would not change a thing.

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