Looking Back (2008) –New Years Resolutions

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Okay, nothings really new my way. I got the job that I wanted to only figure out that’s not really what I wanted. I felt like I was going backwards and I don’t believe in anything that doesn’t involve progress. This Christmas was okay. I got to shop and I spent a lot of time with family. I’ve been working and just doing me. Last year I realized that my new years resolution was to actually speak up for myself and always let it be known to what’s on my mind and that’s a resolution I actually lived up to. My ma said it’s just being real and I agree with her. It feels so much better to not keep your feelings bottled up inside. Writing them help but nothing is better than saying them. I don’t care where it may take me in the long run but at least I’m happy. I don’t say anything to hurt any one’s feelings I just make sure I let people know when I feel disrespected or taken advantage of. I didn’t give people the opportunity to take advantage of my kindness for a long time and I like things that way.

This years been a long one. Not necessarily great but it’s a been a very long 2008. I figured out myself finally. What I like, what I don’t,and what I do and don’t want out of life. I learned the lesson that wanting and needing are two totally different things. Just because you want something doesn’t necessarily mean you need it. I’ve been brought up and brought down but I’ve realized life will sometimes be hard but never too hard and god will never give me more than I can handle.

Being that I accomplished last years resolution I decided to create some more resolution with hopes of a successful and brighter 2009.

New Years Resolutions. Things I hope to do/Accomplish in 2009.

I promise to update my blog more.
Laugh more.
Worry less.
Work harder.
Dream bigger.
Share more
Love more

Stand up
Continue to focus on myself
and to put down my guard and don’t be afraid to let people in.

I hope everyone a Happy Holidays.

I’ll probably be back before the new years. I’m just sleepy and was thinking about this year.

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