& A Day Without Shoes is Hard

You know the saying “you never know what a person is going through until you walk in their shoes.” Well kids in other countries don’t have shoes so I participated in an event to raise awareness for these kids. 
My school campus is participating in the the Tom’s Shoes event “A Day Without Shoes”. I started at 10AM and it’s so cold. My feet hates it but I can’t imagine how the kids that go every day without shoes. I never thought shoes was a luxury until I walked outside today and the freezing concrete stung my skin. In a way it’s caused me to be thankful for every little thing I take for granted. I complain that my shoes are dirty a lot of the time but the truth is so many people don’t even have what I have. I am passionate about any cause involving kids & I can’t believe people go through this. “A Day Without Shoes” was definitely a good project. It not only helped me inform others about children suffering in other countries but it helped me be thankful for what I do have. Have you ever heard of TOMS? Did you ever think of shoes as a luxury?

Buy a pair of Tom’s Shoes (if you can) every time you buy a pair of TOMS, a pair of shoes is donated to someone who really needs them.

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