& We Like to Party

I’m officially 23 now! Whoa! I don’t feel any older maybe it’ll hit me when I hit 25 two years from now. Anywho, anyone who knows me, knows I’m big on birthdays. I don’t like to plan small I always plan big. This year it was no different. I popped the bottle of Peach Ciroc I’ve been saving for a special occasion, opened a fresh bottle of Whipped Pinnacle (which makes beautiful strawberry daiquiris that taste like a strawberry desert) and I rented a limo. This limo guy rents his personal limos for 200 for four hours! It was a birthday to remember for some more than others. My one friend got blackout drunk or as my mother would say “Chocolate girl wasted”. Hilarious I had to take care of her and she had to be carried out of the club. We were really classy about it though and everyone kept repeating “you girls are real friends”. The girl in the next bathroom stall over was alone and passed out drunk. I’m glad I have good friends. I’ve never been black out drunk & I don’t intend on doing it any time soon either. The best part of the night was dancing, drinking champagne and pre-gaming of course. We took loads of pictures.

As far as presents went, I just wanted all my friends to be there and that was great enough. I’m the girl who has everything she needs and knows she doesn’t always need what she wants. My mom bought me an XBox Kinnect and my biological dad is or may be buying me a car towards the end of the week. I shall keep you posted on that. Anywho, how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day? –mine was like every year of course but I can’t complain I celebrate love even single.

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