What Happened to the Music: My Rant on Fame & the Media

I hate the way the media creates these celebrities just to knock them down & bash them in the end. Celebs are not superhuman and wealth is in no way considered a superpower. Just because someone is in the spotlight doesn’t exempt them from some of the struggles that other people go through. I didn’t really realize these things until I watched and paid attention to how the media scrutinizes these stars. They’re not supposed to be role models they’re not supposed to be put on a pedestal. Celebrities have one job and one job only…to entertain. Some may look good doing it but that’s also not necessary.
I minored in mass media and I’m very disturbed at the way the media is handling Whitney Houston’s death. She was a person and in no way perfect. People spoke terribly about her when she was alive and ripped her to shreds in death.  I think people should focus on the great things she has done in music. Her personal life shouldn’t come in to play. Which brings me to Chris Brown, he wasn’t a saint. I hold an unpopular opinion. I think he was wrong for what he did to his girlfriend but we are all human & should not judge him. The only judge in the end is God. I think if the roles would’ve been reversed it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. That’s sad but true. Jennifer Freeman beat up her husband a while back & everyone just said “Oh that girl is crazy” and brushed it off. I purposely went out and bought Chris Brown’s album after the altercation because it’s great music & his personal life has nothing to do with what he gets paid to do.
I’m a fan of Miranda Lambert (love most of her material) but I’m going to say she was wrong for her little tirade during the Grammy’s. Chris Brown worked hard for that Grammy end of story & Whitney Houston was a great woman no matter what struggles she had. I just hope one day we can go back to when music was just about the music.

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