So took my driver’s exam Saturday and sadly I failed it. I cried…it was my first time failing anything in a long time. I’m still working on failing at things. The last time I failed at something was in college. I failed my first class and bawled like a baby. I swear when my instructor told me he was failing me because I failed to completely stop at a stop sign I waited til he got out of the car and cried to my mother. I needed to fail though. I guess it grounded me a little. It’s a learning experience. It didn’t deter me though because as soon as I got to a computer I scheduled another test on he 24th and this time I’ll pass. It’s not how many times you fail that counts, it’s really how many times you keep trying. Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday. I’m getting ready for bed so I can get up and go to the job I no longer pretend to like. I think it’s obvious to everyone who knows me. Good night world.

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  1. Thanks girl! I loved that game too!


  2. eyeshadoww says:

    Thanks soo much!


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