& I Must Have The Craziest Views Ever

“If women want to make as much money as men they should get treated like men too & they should have to come to work 2 weeks after birth.”
“Women don’t belong in politics.”
“I’m sorry to say it but it’s not that fact that he got a girl pregnant but he got a white girl pregnant.”
“You can’t have black love with a white person.”

These are all quotes from people close to me. I like to talk politics and world news and I believe that women should be paid the same amount as men. I don’t see skin color although my mom did say “Don’t bring a white boy home”, quite a few times as I grew older I grew to realize that’s just how she was raised. I’m appalled that in 2012 statements like these are still repeated. Shocking enough today’s government only includes 16% of women. That’s an alarming statistic that means most people making decisions about women’s rights don’t exactly have a uterus. Sometimes when I’m talking to my friends I’m like “who are you” and “where did that come from”. I was raised to respect everyone else’s opinions and I enjoy going back and forth about them. I had a debate just today with my brother’s girlfriend on The Kardashians as role models and she says they’re great people I don’t see anything wrong with them being role models. Really? If my daughter came home and said Kim Kardashian was her idol I’d have a freakin’ heart attack. Every other channel includes women as some kind of object without any intellectuality at all. There’s more to women than make up and our bodies. I salute the young woman that recently petitioned Seventeen Magazine for airbrushing photos of young women.That’s definitely a start.

Can you name six present day young positive female role models? I’ll give you a minute to stop and think about it and while you’re thinking about it be sure to check out the trailer to this awesome documentary called “Miss Representation”. What do you think?

& as for race, do people still date based on race? I think not! Although I grew up with the “don’t bring a white boy home” speech quite often that never stuck. You gotta be freakin’ kidding me and if I did bring a guy home that wasn’t black my mom would accept him just as much because she values my happiness.

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  1. Haha gotta love this post :D. The “dating based on color”, I think it depends on were you are from. In religious countries this may still appear, but in for example Denmark, it’s long gone. But we isn’t very religious either. We are very free here, and can do almost what we want, so the color difference doesn’t mean anything at all! Of course there’s still some people who don’t like other “races” than themselves, but these people will always be here. And I think that most of these people, are people who are afraid of change. What will the change cause? Oh, and about the kardashians. Not to defend them or anything, but if you think about it, then they actually can be role models. She is pretty, has a lot of money and are living life. This can do that little girls maybe also want that lifestyle and then becomes great workers because they want the money for example :). Or that we shall live a little more carefree and not over thinking. I don’t know, just saying :D. Anyways. Thanks for the comment<3 I’m glad you like my post dear<3


  2. DivaJyoti says:

    Women who say stuff like that?  i’d say the same thing about them as i’d say about Democrats who spend an entire term complaining about their candidate.they eat their own.that is not an impressive thing to do, it’s kinda dumbhow many versions of you are there?


  3. DivaJyoti says:

    if women shouldn’t talk about politics my whole life is just wrong.


  4. i totally agree. honestly i don’t believe in the whole sticking to your color thing. Right now I’m in a relationship with a white boy and i couldn’t be happier. Its not because he is white, but because he possessed something other black boys that came at me didn’t posess, and thats RESPECT. not to say that black guys don’t respect people, but that was the reason i stuck with him. Any color is sutible to date i think. My boyfriends mom has hated me from the start and even though he swears its not because i’m black. I think it is. Even though adults like that were raised in different times, i think that it is an excuse to  blame it on the way they were raised simply because people change, and they also change with the times. If we were all stuck in how we were raised and didn’t form our own thoughts and opinions, we would live in a very sad world.


  5. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! ❤ kaybree


  6. eyeshadoww says:

    Thanks so much!


  7. I loved that picture too. I saw it and I couldn’t resist adding it to the update. ❤ I would love to be sisters! I’ll add ya right now!


  8. ouhthatblush says:

    thanks darling! ❤ kaybree


  9. Thanks for the comment! I love your blog and I like how you added your own pictures as your layout. And I agree with you. A close friend of mine (16 years of being friends in September) she’s black, and she’s only dated white guys. Her mom has kind of made jokes about bringing home “a southern black boy” (she goes to grambling state university) And I also think it’s how you were raised like you said about your mom. my dad was like that and I think he would flip out if i dated someone who wasn’t white. Don’t care what he thinks though! but great post. I agree with you on everything.


  10. hollarrrrrr says:

    thank you for the comment =)


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