& Halloween Happened

I landed in Pittsburgh on October 30th not the 31st. This was done intentionally. After spending the 30th stressing like a crazy person, trying to make sure my TV would be shipped in a timely and cost effective manner, and making sure I had everything settled with my security deposit, I was ready to go to Pittsburgh. I woke up on the 30th to find that the flight I had booked a week in advance, was cancelled and my 1 hour flight turned into a 5 hour debacle. I had to fly to Chicago from New York and then to Pittsburgh from Chicago. I landed in Pittsburgh super late but that wasn’t going to ruin my Halloween! Pittsburgh was freezing this year but that didn’t stop the drunken costumed parade on Carson Street. Carson Street is so much fun in Pittsburgh. Apparently someone thought it would be a grand idea to put most of the bars on one strip in Pittsburgh. It’s where all the college people party and then some. Halloween weekend you are bound to see dozens of drunken people dressed up and crazy. I didn’t end up settling there due to all the clubs were jammed packed. It looked like all the lines blended in with one another and at one club they were letting people in as others came out. That was a bit intense. I also discovered my club of choice closed down while I was away. Whim was truly amazing. I liked the crowd and the music but that’s here nor there. I ended up at an after hours lounge that was okay but severely overrated. I probably won’t go there again. This was my first year not dressing up! I’m usually Halloweened out! I couldn’t even get my costume because it’s in storage at my old house. -_-

Me and my best friend Jasmine went out on Carson and then rounded up our college friend Krissii and we ended up having a good ol’ time. I had on my cat ears from Argentina and we ended up with these masks this one club was giving away. It was a nice time. I was disappointed I paid $20 for a wristband to drink all night and they didn’t have any of the alcohol I wanted. Next year I will most definitely have to party all weekend to make up for Halloween.

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