It Truly is a Happy Mon(Daè)

Happy Monday! With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m in the business of counting my blessings. I’m learning that sometimes I may take things for granted and the things about life that frustrate me, may be someone else’s fairy tale. My weekend started out great because a lot of people may not know this but besides freelance writing, I’ve been a temp for a little over eleven months and Friday I was offered a permanent position making what I’m worth as a Business Technical Analyst. It’s crazy because no one would think I would like that kind of work since I’m so imaginative and colorful but I enjoy it because it’s not hard, my team is amazing and the company I work for is one of the best companies to work for in Pittsburgh. It’s my first big girl salary, so I’m ecstatic! I encourage everyone to not give up and count their blessings! Stop worrying about tomorrow and what happened yesterday and focus on today or you’ll miss something wonderful.


What I’ve Been Rocking

Saturday I went to a Jammie Jam. At first it wasn’t a pajama party but because of the title we talked my friend into making it one. We had vegan chili, cornbread, we made s’mores and played drinking games. I quickly turned to drinking water because I don’t like being drunk.

pajama jam pajama jam2

The last time I was at the hair store I ran across this lipstick and it was only $3 so I figured buy it, if I don’t like it I can’t cry about it but it’s amazing. I feel like this shade was made for me. It’s Royal Kisses Dark Plum Scene Matte lipstick. I always put a moisturizer under it and rock it as the only form of makeup I know.

Speaking of moisturizer, Influenster is dope. You review products that you use every day and take some of their surveys and they send you free things to try out. The most recent thing they surprised me with is Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil. I’ve been using it as replacement for lotion and it’s nice especially since it’s getting cold outside and that sucks all the moisture out of your skin. The Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil is good for after the shower to seal in all your body’s moisture and it smells like heaven.  It’s an oil but it’s not too oily to the point where it could take forever to rub in. Influenster gave me a bottle for free but after it’s gone (which will be soon because both me and mom are using it), I’m going to go out and buy some. You can get yours here.


Last week I was under the weather so no OOTD but I can share some awesomeness I bought to make me feel better.
Rue21 is one of my fav stores even before I won one of their Facebook contests and they flew me and my cuzzo to San Diego for a weekend to meet Lea Michele.  They had a 20% off sale this weekend and I snagged a holiday sweater and some awesome boots.

rue21 rue212

The Sweater is here and these awesome combat boots are here.

I’m most definitely going to do a fashion roundup because this is around the time where all the sales happen all month long and then Cyber Monday is like heaven for me.

Now Playing

Jess Glynne – Take Me Home

Jess Glynne’s entire album makes me feel all types of emotions and that’s what music is supposed to do.

Carrie Underwood – Relapse

Carrie Underwood’s new album is amazing start to finish. It was titled perfectly because every song tells a story and I find myself just zoning out enjoying the music.

Natalie Taylor – Surrender 

I first heard her music on CW’s Beauty in the Beast she has a cover “Disclosure” that is by far amazing. It just takes your breath away.

Speaking of CW I’m in love with The 100 I’ve read the books and I’m re-watched the series again and I can’t wait for it to come back in March! It raises so many questions about leadership and ethics.  It’s about a group of juvenile teenagers who are sent to Earth to see if it’s livable (because their space station is running out of air) after an Apocalypse destroyed it. They figure out that it’s not only survivable but they’re not the only ones there and they’re unwelcome.

Happy Links

Tim Gunn: “The Obama Girls are the Anecdote to the Kardashians” 

Jojo’s performing at Pittsburgh’s light up and I’m going to be there with bells. 

The Hunger Games Theme Park is Happening and I’m all For It

If you've been to Pittsburgh, you've been to Kennywood and if you've been to Kennywood, you've rode the Raging Rapids. I get the waterfall every time.
If you’ve been to Pittsburgh, you’ve been to Kennywood and if you’ve been to Kennywood, you’ve rode the Raging Rapids. I get the waterfall every time.

NANOWRIMO Update: I’m finished with my novel but because I refuse to write in chronological order, I have to do a lot of copy and pasting to put it all together. It’s like a puzzle. I’m just glad this go around that I’m not signed to any publisher. Be very skeptical about a lot of these small publishing companies and make sure to read the contracts. I learned that my first go around.

Enjoy your week!



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