& 3 Websites to Get Free Goodies

I don’t curse so free is my favorite four letter “f” word as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing that’s makes my day better than someone giving me something awesome for the price of nothing. As an optimist, I had to try a few sites and here are three places where you can get hookups from cool decorative wine glasses, to fitness yoga mats and some places even give out free phone cases or screen protectors and all they ask for in exchange is your honest opinion. Whoever said an opinion wasn’t worth much never met big companies who now know that Generation Y are heavy with reviews. Studies have shown that we’ve grown up with marketing everywhere so we don’t really trust advertisers but we do trust our friends and reviews. 🙂


Honest Few

Honest Few is pretty darn awesome. They send you a lot of random emails asking you to try stuff and you get to pick what you want to try. Sometimes shipping is completely free or sometimes you have to cover the price of shipping. They’ve given away everything from yoga mats to wine glasses and even wireless headphones (that I didn’t get a chance to grab but my eyes are always peeled for tech goodies.) Sign up to Honest Few here.



Influencester is my favorite. It was the first site I discovered that would send me free goodies. The thing about Influencester is you review things you already have and love to use and it sends you surveys to figure out your habits and what demographic you fit in. Each survey and review earns you points towards badges where you can win cool prizes. I’ve received two also freebies from them that were right up my alley.  They’ve sent me Neutrogena Body oil  which is soft and it smells like heaven and Dove’s Advanced Care deodorant which really works and smells awesome. They don’t even send trial sizes, they send the real deal in exchange for real reviews. They even have an app where you can scan your favorite items to make finding info and reviews on them a breeze. Join Influenster here.

Bzz Agent

I’m fairly new to Bzz Agent but so far so good. You complete surveys and they send you free stuff to review. I haven’t received anything from Bzz Agent but I’ve completed a few surveys and I’m waiting on my initial Bzz Agent box. We’ll see how well it goes. I’ll keep you posted. Join Bzz Agent here.

* Extra

New Trent Technology

New Trent Technology sends you one survey and it’s on all the electronics you own and they send you free stuff. I heard about it through a friend who received a portable charge free of charge and I signed up and got numerous iPhone cases. It’s quite the site for tech nerds. I still get offers but I don’t have an iPhone anymore so I can’t enjoy the perks from New Trent but that doesn’t mean you gals/guys can’t. Check out the pilot program here.

See there are actually things in life you can get free. 🙂 Do you like free stuff? Have you tried any of these sites out and had a different experience? Sharing is caring! Enjoy and have a positive week.



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