10 Anti-Basic Pittsburgh Dates

Dinner and a movie is so 2008 when it comes to dating. In a scene where dating is easy as swiping right, effort always leaves the best impression and creativity builds memories. Pittsburgh is anything but basic when it comes to things to do so I’ve compiled a list of things other than dinner and movie to check out in the city.

Go Karting: (Like: Steel City Karting)

It’s not legal to race on the streets so why not find somewhere where you can channel your inner Mario Kart?

Cooking/Cocktail Class (Like: Art of Mixology)

This one isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s like leaving the house and making dinner somewhere else. The upside is that no one has to argue over who’s going to clean up. Mixology classes are pretty dope. Established bartenders guide you into creating works of art that you can impress your friends with later.

10 Anti-Basic Pittsburgh Dates

Attend a Festival

Pittsburgh has no shortage of festivals. Rather you’re into wine, music, ribs or beer, there’s something out there for you and most of them are affordable. Walk around and get to know each other’s dislikes and likes and feed off the experience. Just make sure it’s not a super loud experience because that defeats the whole purpose of a date.

10 Anti-Basic Pittsburgh Dates


There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a roller-coaster. Kennywood now has fun all year round. Phantom Fright Nights is full of haunted houses and scary movies. During the winter enjoy hot chocolate and go to look at their light show. The good news is no matter what time you go, you’re guaranteed to get a dipped cone and some Potato Patch Fries.

Murder Mystery Dinner (Like: The Dinner Detective)

Someone loved Clue so much that they bought it to life. Enjoy an evening of good food and interactive night of “who do it?” You don’t really know someone until you experience them pretending to be someone else, right?

10 Anti-Basic Pittsburgh Dates

Painting with a Twist 

There are so many of these places now. The twist is you both are no Picasso. Rather you’re a talented artist or not the experience is fun and most of these are BYOB establishments. There’s a fifty percent chance of at the end of the class you’ll have something worth hanging up on your wall at home and hey it’s a souvenir.

Food and Brewery Tours (Like: City Brew Tours)

Photo Credit: City Brew Tours Facebook Page

The Pittsburgh restaurant scene is life and breweries are popping up left and right in the city. Good thing there are companies like City Brew Tours that takes you around the city to try fifteen different craft beer with lunch or dinner and round-trip transportation from downtown Pittsburgh. This sounds way better than dinner and movie.

Escape Room (Like: Escape Room)

Escape Room may convince you to marry your significant other or murder them (depending on the outcome). It’s an immersive puzzle game full of riddles, mind tricks, and mysteries. Gather a crew together and really get to know them while you’re trapped in a room for sixty minutes and the mission involves putting your heads together to escape the room.

Laser Tag (Like: Zone28)

It’s like paintball but for people who don’t like bruises, or pain and Pittsburgh has no shortage of these laser tag venues like Zone28, Zombieburgh and even Laser Xtreme Laser Tag. Blow off steam together or bring out your inner child by showcasing your competitive spirit. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

Karaoke (Like: Tequila Cowboy)

You’re no Mariah Carey or John Legend and even if you are it’s fun, memorable and keeps you laughing. Tequila Cowboy is a few bars in one and one of them is a karaoke bar where you can enjoy embarrassing yourself/entertaining your date with your singing skills.

Next time you plan date night don’t go for dinner and a movie. Go for an adventure! Even zip-lining is fun if that’s your type of thing but only for the daring. What’s your date night go to in Pittsburgh? Have you given any of these a try?

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